Building Division

Structural building maintenance and conservation of facilities using natural materials and technologies with a low environmental impact.

The Division protects and conserves property assets in two principal ways:

  • ECO-BUILDING: the design, construction and renovation of buildings with low energy consumption and minimal impact on the environment.
  • LIGHTING SOLUTIONS: the design, production and sale of high-efficiency lighting with reduced environmental impact (the LEED green building rating system, BREEAM, &c.).

The Building Division aims for "sustainable" solutions at every stage of a building’s life, from design to construction and beyond (Facility Management).

The Division’s key concepts are emissions reduction, energy optimization, cost control and longer building life.


Eco Design

Energy efficiency + natural construction techniques + building aesthetics = Eco Design.

ECO2ZONE designs and develops customized Eco-design solutions. Today’s ever-stricter energy requirements for technical plant are designed into the architecture of buildings, harmonizing perfectly with the use of natural materials.



Various technologies designed to protect and preserve property assets.



A high-efficiency energy-saving solution that makes the indoor climate healthier and more comfortable.

Hemp fibre + Natural Dolomitic Binder® = EcoBeton




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Ireland Office

Dublin Mentec House – Pottery Road
Dun Laoghaire
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