After its emissions assessment (which was highly encouraging thanks to our decision to use zero-emissions technology), ECO2ZONE set itself a bigger challenge: to neutralize the whole of our GHG emissions for the company’s entire financial year, using a method devised by Rete Clima® and known as CO2 zero® as a way of offsetting its emissions in advance and achieving carbon neutrality as a company.

That offsetting was done through two projects:

  • the Italian carbon-sink forest project organized by Rete Clima®, which includes a forest for Milan: details at
  • an environmental project under the UNFCCC (United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change): CER_CN_868 (HFC-23 Decomposition Project, Zhejiang Juhua Co. Ltd, China)

Together, these fully offset the company’s GHG annual emissions, measured as above.

The present carbon assessment and carbon management process, which is part of ECO2ZONE’s zero CO2 emissions road-map for environmental responsibility, is also designed to:

  • raise awareness within the company about its impact on the climate,

  • demonstrate to customers ECO2ZONE Srl’s particular concern for the environment in terms of the way it determines and manages (offsets) its corporate greenhouse gas emissions: one of the fundamental building blocks of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental responsibility policies.

pdf icon e2zECO2ZONE's 2018 certificate

pdf icon e2zECO2ZONE's 2018 zero CO emissions certificate (QrcM)



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